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Only fresh flower products available on Valentine's Day. Valentine Category
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Concoction of Love
Concoction of Love
US$ 49.48
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
US$ 49.48
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Love Parade
Love Parade
US$ 42.88
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Mix surprise
Mix surprise
US$ 47.28
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Christmas Plants
Christmas Plants
US$ 43.98
By Price-US$35 - US$50-With Love To You
With Love To You
US$ 36.28
By Price-US$35 - US$50-To Mom with Love
To Mom with Love
US$ 43.98
By Price-US$35 - US$50-You are my sunshine
You are my sunshine
US$ 43.98
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Happy New Year
Happy New Year
US$ 49.48
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Photo Crystal Portrait-Heart
Photo Crystal Portrait-Heart
US$ 39.58
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Just Elegant
Just Elegant
US$ 49.48
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Photo Crystal Portrait-2
Photo Crystal Portrait-2
US$ 36.28
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Photo Crystal Portrait-Sunflower
Photo Crystal Portrait-Sunflower
US$ 38.48
By Price-US$35 - US$50-FerreroRocher Chocolates bouquet
FerreroRocher Chocolates bouquet
US$ 49.48Special
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Romantic Lover
Romantic Lover
US$ 42.88
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Super Star
Super Star
US$ 38.48
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Care
US$ 38.48
By Price-US$35 - US$50-Flower Hug
Flower Hug
US$ 41.78
By Price > US$35 - US$50 :  Page 1/8  [Next>>]

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Customer Speak - Lis... from  USA
Thank you so much. The service was excellent! My fiance was so surprised, the bear and the balloons were left on his bed. He was thrilled. Thank you!
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