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Delivery Policy


Please complete all fields possible. The phone number is mandatory. We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. Please avoid to use an address where you know the recipient will be abscent most of the day. If the recipient is not at the address when we deliver, we will leave the flowers and gifts to someone at the address who is related with recipient. Please see the following delivery guideline for the specific country you concern.

In general, delivery charge are included in the item price listed or listed in the checkout procesure. In minor cases that there is extra delivery charge other than what is indicated, our sales consultant would contact you beforehand and you have the right to cancel the order.

All cakes should be ordered at least one day in advance. Same day order may be available but we may have to substitute with similiar one based on equal value principle.

We will send you email and mark your order status at our website to confirm delivery. The time of delivery confirmation should be send within the delivery date in most cases though it might be delayed.

There is huge orders during high seasons like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas. Please order at least 2-3 days before delivery. We keep the right to reschedule the delivery date but guarantee to deliver before holidays.

If an order going to a hospital or large office complex, please include the following information in your order: Recipients First and Last Name, Company or Hospital Name, Full Street Address, Floor Number and Room or Suite Number. We strongly suggest contacting the Company or Hospital to find out their policy on deliveries. For example, most courier deliveries are required to go to the shipping and receiving department as the courier does not have permission to deliver directly to the recipient. When sending to a hospital, please ensure the patient will not be discharged from the hospital prior to or on the day of the flower delivery. When sending to a company please ensure the recipient is working on the day of delivery.

If an order going to an appartment building, please be sure the apartment number is included in the address. Any omissions or errors may delay the delivery and/or incur more delivery charge. As most apartment buildings are secure, the delivery person will have to buzz the proper apartment to notify the recipient there is a delivery. The delivery policy to apartment buildings in general is that there must be someone at the apartment to successfully complete delivery.

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Delivery policy
1. delivery time: 9am-19pm, free delivery. We do not guarantee a specific delivery time during a day, however, we will try our best to deliver at your preferred delivery time.

2. delivery date: Monday-Saterday. None delivery during public holidays.

4. Second day delivery unless it is indicated in item description. Please order at least one business day in advance.

5. Delivery confirmation: We will send you email and mark your order status at our website to confirm delivery. The time of delivery confirmation should be send within the delivery date in most cases.

6. Redelivery: if you request no-call before delivery or leave us an invalid phone no and nobody is available to accept the flowers while we deliver to the address, then we will redeliver at later time or after we get contaced with recipient. We keep the right to charge $10.00 for the second delivery.

7. Delivery time may be changed in remote, mountainous, or island areas, or during peak seasons.

We are not responsible for:
(1). Decreased product quality due to an incorrect delivery address supplied by the sender, a re-route requested by the sender or the recipient, or unsuccessful deliveries arising from the recipient not being present at time of delivery at the address supplied by the sender and no-call request by the sender.

(2). Product quality problems caused by improper handling by the recipient.

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